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Mains-operated / Automation data loggers

  • myDatalogMUC


    • Measuring and controlling for industrial plants
    • Pawn script (similar to C)
    • Industrial interfaces 8 x 4-20 mA, 2 x RS485, 1 x RS232
    • Buffer accu for alarming in the event of power supply failure
  • myDatalogMUCmini und myDatalogMUCmicro


    • Measuring and controlling for industrial plants
    • Pawn script (similar to C)
    • Industrial interfaces 3 x 4-20 mA, 1 x RS485, 1 x RS232
    • 12...30 VDC
  • M-Box


    • M-Bus reading, saving and wireless transmitting
    • Project-specific extensibility
    • Space in the device for adaptations
  • myDatalogS3


    • Measuring and controlling with robust housing
    • Pawn script (similar to C)
    • Industrial interfaces 3 x 4-20 mA
    • 24 VDC (optional internal 230 V power supply)
  • myDatalogAIR232


    • Data transmission of machine interfaces
    • Pawn script (similar to C)
    • RS232 ASCII parser
    • 5...30 VDC

Battery-powered data loggers

  • BLE Gateway + H2S Sensor Module


    • Gas measurement
    • Innovative sensore replacement
    • Bluetooth Smart or 3G
    • Ultra Low Power
  • BLE Gateway

    BLE Gateway

    • Programmable data logger with BLE interface
    • Bluetooth Smart or 3G
    • ATEX / no-ATEX versions
    • Ultra Low Power
  • myDatalog Mobil Ex

    myDatalog Mobile

    • Acquisition of industrial sensors
    • Industrial interfaces 4 - 20 mA / RS232
    • ATEX / non-ATEX versions
    • Battery or accu operation
  • myDatalogNANOamr


    • Wireless remote meter reading for energy and water meters
    • Smartphone web app
    • ATEX / non-ATEX versions
    • S0 counter connection
  • myDatalogNANO


    • Transmission of digital and analog values
    • 5 x inputs V, digital, counter
    • ATEX / non-ATEX versions
    • Exchangeable firmware

Battery- or solar-powered data loggers

  • myDatalogEASY V3

    myDatalogEASY V3

    • Programmable data logger with industrial interfaces
    • Pawn script (similar to C)
    • Industrial interfaces 4 x 4-20 mA, 1 x RS485, 1 x RS232
    • Input for external charging voltage
  • 4-Channel-Data-Logger

    4-Channel Data Logger

    • Transmission of digital and analogue values
    • Configurable via web portal
    • Industrial interfaces 4 x 4-20 mA
    • Input for external charging voltage
  • myDatalogRSS


    • Autarchic data logger with robust housing
    • 4 x Inputs mA, V, digital, counter
    • Autarchic operation due to solar field
    • Backup accu integrated

Test Equipment

  • MARVpro


    • In-circuit tests
    • Programming of assembly
    • End-of-line tests
    • Calibration of assembly


  • rapidM2M M220

    rapidM2M M220

    • Ultra low power Technology
    • Free modem selection
    • Pawn Script Engine (similar to C)
  • rapidM2M M230

    rapidM2M M230

    • High performance
    • 8-14 bit camera interface
    • Display interface
  • rapidM2M M3

    rapidM2M M3

    • Very small dimensions
    • BLE, SPI, I2C, 2 x UART, 6 x GPIO
    • Ultra Low Power Technologie
  • rapidM2M Runtime Environment

    rapidM2M RE

    • Pawn Script Engine (similar to C)
    • ARM Cortex-M MCU
    • Global SIM communication included
  • EASY PCB E230

    EASY PCB E23x

    • 4 x Inputs mA, V, digital, counter
    • Web configuration
    • RS485 Modbus master

Developer Kits



  • tedalos


    • Security of supply and inventory management
    • High-mobility and wireless with real-time monitoring
    • Connection to your leading system
  • consiergo


    • Smart Home Platform - speech recognition
    • Compliance with European data protection guidelines
    • Easy installation
  • Payuca


    • Stress-free parking - Optimizing parking space
    • Compact hardware solution
    • Open the garage via Bluetooth or with the smart card
  • iMow - VIKING


    • Connected robotic lawn mower
    • Can be operated via smartphone app
    • Creation of highly customizable mowing plans
    • Localization in case of theft
  • Led Display

    Led Display

    • Effective promotion of the jackpot
    • Brightness adjustment to ambient light
    • Heating module for operation at low temperatures
  • Rohde & Schwarz trade show demonstrator


    • IoT measurement trade show demonstrator for Rohde & Schwarz
    • Using a network simulator and rapidM2M
    • Simulation of a bicycle training
  • Spider67 mobile

    Spider67 mobile

    • I/O System for Industry 4.0
    • Parameterisation from a distance
    • GSM, WiFi and BLE connectivity
  • Wicell


    • Temperature monitoring for the transport
    • Local protocol print with Bluetooth printer
    • Archiving on central web platform
  • H2O2 gas sensor

    H2O2 gas sensor

    • Complete monitoring of the disinfection cycle
    • Integrated H2O2 gas sensor
    • Backup accu integrated
  • D-Eye


    • Visual monitoring
    • 640x480px photos and detailed photos
    • Alarm via SMS
  • Fieldeye


    • High-resolution visual monitoring
    • Self-sufficient supply
    • Optional with integrated weather station
  • QGate


    • Smart Home
    • Integrated sensors (e.g. temperature, energy consumption)
    • Radio interface (868,3 MHz)
    • Operation by smartphone apps
  • Uni-trans


    • Universal data logger with robust housing
    • 320 x 240 pixel color-graphic display
    • Industrial interfaces 8 x 0/4-20mA, 8 x digital, 4 x RS485, 1 x HART
    • Supports various flow sensors

    • Monitoring the state of health of bees
    • Analysis of noise patterns
    • Predictive analytics
  • emo


    • Autarchic operation due to solar field
    • 12 transmission line sensors
    • Support for different meteorologic sensors (e.g. wind sensor)
  • PaketButler


    • Package receiving and sending on your own doorstep
    • Secure PIN exchange with integrated Keycode Server
    • PaketButler App as your personal logistic control center


Rechargeable battieres that contains lithium may only delivered with a load of max. 30%. The following battery packs are affected:

  • PSU413D
  • PSU413D+
  • AP413D
  • AP413D+
You find Details on this regulation in the policy of the IATA. For more information about the handling of lithium batteries, please have a look at the following documents.

Lithium Verpackung


Lithium batteries are affected by a chemical phenomenon known as „passivation“. In this process a lithium chloride layer (LiCl) forms on the surface of the anode. This LiCl layer, which is essentially a high-resistance film between the anode and the electrolyte, is responsible for the long shelf life of lithium-thionyl chloride batteries as it prevents self-discharge. If batteries are stored at elevated temperatures and/or for several months or years, the strength of the LiCl layer and therefore its resistance increase.

When a battery is passivated, a voltage drop may occur as a result of the increased resistance of the LiCI layer. The chemical reaction during the discharge leads to a degradation of the LiCl layer. As a result the resistance decreases again and the voltage slowly rises to the level of a non-passivated battery. Passivation is a completely reversible effect.

The depassivation of a battery can thus be achieved by discharging with a defined current for a fixed time. Since the strength of the LiCl layer is directly related to the duration of the storage, the time required for depassivation depends on it. To shorten the time for the depassivation, the discharge current can be increased. The maximum permissible value for the cell or the value recommended by the manufacturer must be observed.