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Monitoring of overhead power lines with the aid of a simple, economical smart grid solution.

emo is a reliable monitoring system for overhead power lines. First of all it enables the acquisition of power cable temperature at an economical low cost. The transmission capacity of the supply system through to the individual subsections becomes transparent for energy suppliers and enables even more efficient and economical operation of the existing cable infrastructure.

  • Accurate, validated acquisition of the temperature directly on the cableli
  • Efficient utilization of the network infrastructure
  • More efficient maintenance processes through the monitoring system being central

Product characteristics

  • Base station with wireless connection to the cable sensors and wireless data transfer to the central server
  • Up to 12 cable sensors per base station
  • Optionally with climatic information such as air temperature/humidity, wind direction and wind speed, global radiation, 3D wind measurement
  • Autonomous power supply via solar panel and buffer battery
  • Management of the measuring points on the central web server
  • Connection of the central web server via IT interfaces to control centre systems
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Conductor cable monitoring with the EMO
Referenz EMO


Inputs:up to 12 cable temperatures (optionally air temperature/humidity, wind direction and wind speed, global radiation, 3D wind measurement)
Protection class:IP67
Power supply:Solar panel/12 V
Data transmission:GSM/GPRS quad band
SIM:integrated SIM chip

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