Any questions?

Any questions?

The Microtronics support team has the answers. Whether general information, technical details, or meeting inquiries: the Microtronics support team offers comprehensive M2M know how and a well-chosen network of partners.
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Executive management

  • Hans-Peter Buber, Managing Director - CEO
  • Stefan Pfeffer, Managing Director - CFO

Sales centre

  • Bernhard Maier, Field Application Engineer
  • Hermann Gittmaier, Sales
  • Christian Leb, Field Application Engineer
  • Jürgen Schreiner, Field Application Engineer
  • Martin Vaibar, Business Development
  • Ingrid Freinberger, Support/Service
  • Martin Buber, Business Development

Product & Marketing centre

  • Peter Dollfuss, Product Manager
  • Sabrina Waldbauer, Online Marketing
  • Pablo Jäger, Art Director

Development centre

  • Stefan Lechner, Hardware Design
  • Thomas Buber, CAD Design
  • Andreas Mitterlehner, Hardware Engineer
  • Hugo Grimm, Software Engineer
  • Henry Kellner, Software Development
  • Hannes Reiterlehner, Software Engineer
  • Andreas Aigelsreiter, Software Engineer
  • Hannes Hochauer, Software Engineer
  • Gregor Bader, Software Engineer
  • Christian Bruckner, Test Engineer
  • Lukas Enengel, Software Engineer
  • Reinhard Schatz, Software Engineer
  • Manuel Stummer, Software Engineer
  • Mandana Eibegger, Software Engineer
  • Simon Somers, Software Engineer
  • Jakob Steiner, Software Engineer

Operation centre

  • Günther Fohrafellner, Head of Operations
  • Roman Baminger, Production & Service Manager
  • Kevin Winkelmann, Logistic
  • Josef Schlager, Quality Manager
  • Marcel Kurta, Produciton & Service
  • Romana Stiefsohn, Technical Service Assistent
  • Matthias Buber, Produciton Assistent
  • Bernhard Kadla, Production Trainee


  • Renate Maier, Management Assistant
  • Regina Böhm, Office Manager
  • Sabine Amon, Facility