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Dosing Control


  • Regulation of the chemical dosage for wastewater pumping stations
  • Local programming of complex calculation and control tasks
  • Differing access rights to the central web server
  • Online and offline regulations with a background weekly schedule (consideration of national holidays)
  • Compliance with directives and laws

Functional description

With the wireless data transfer technology from Microtronics you are able to implement automatic dosing control systems in the simplest possible way. The additional activation of sensors and actuators is possible with the multi-function tool myDatalogMUC. The chemical supply is regulated on the basis of data that is locally acquired or transferred by M2M communication. With online mode you obtain constant access to the data via the central web server. Data transfer is a fixed component of Microtronics's Managed Service. The data are visualized and analysed on the web server. Interfaces enable easy integration into your business processes.

Key functions

  • Control of chemical dosing on the basis of measurements acquired on site or defaults derived from a remote connection
  • Optimization of the supply chain through automatic re-ordering of the chemicals
  • Automatic base value correction
  • Visualisation of data in reports and statistics
  • Massive reduction of consequential damage to building structures
  • Compliance with odour emission directives (GIRL)
  • Automatic  Gas Measurement

Fields of application

  • Avoidance of nuisance to residents caused by odour emissions produced by hydrogen sulphide
  • Corrosion control
  • Assurance of the wastewater quality
  • Addition of chemicals for odour and corrosion control
  • Odour masking

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